42.2km Marathon at River Run 100 2021

42.2KM Midnight Marathon

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Our much loved Midnight Marathon is back for the first time since 2019!

This marathon is designed to enjoy with a group of friends and take in the sights of Brisbane City at night.

With a generous cut off time of 11.5 hours you can go at your own pace.

Participants will be on a 5km loop  starting from the iconic QLD Maritime Museum, continuing along the path at Kangaroo Point Cliffs and turning at Captain Burke Park (under Story Bridge).  To make up the 2.2km distance, the shorter loop will take place at the beginning of the race.

Short loop 2.2km with 8 loops of 5km. The path will be well lit, however, we recommend wearing head lamps for 100% safety.

For Groups of 10 or more a discount is offered*   Please email Letitia@riverrun100.com.au





Behind Queensland Maritime Museum | 412 Stanley Street | South Brisbane



Start TimeCut Off TimePrize PresentationsTotal Race Duration
 12.00am 11.30am12.00pm11.5hrs



Fee typeEntry fee Start dateEnd dateName on bib
Early$130.00 15/03/202401/05/24Yes
Standard$145.00 02/05/202401/06/24Yes
Late$160.00 02/06/202412/06/24No


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Lots of fun with like minded people!

Undercover Area  for rest, refuel and refreshments.  Power available for hot drinks and toasties.

designated area for team/group tents

Goodies in race pack 

Fruit and Hydralyte provided

Personalised Race Bib  + timing tag

Finishers Medal


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