Research shows that people who give time, money, or support to others are more likely to be happy and satisfied with their lives – giving feels good.

So participating in the River Run 100 gives you the double whammy of feeling good! You’re  running and keeping fit which makes you feel good. While you’re doing it why not run for a cause and raise money for one of our charitable partners and feel doubly good! Or choose a charity close to your heart.

Our Charity Partner:

Dreams2Live4 is a nationally registered charity. We make Dreams come true for patients living with metastatic cancer (meaning any cancer that has spread). This has now been extended to include patients with brain cancer and recurrence of lymphoma and leukaemia.

Battling an aggressive cancer drains individuals and their families of hope, joy and finances. The unending rounds of tests, treatments and terrible news wears people down until the family and patients are at breaking point. That’s when the oncologists, nurses and allied health professionals refer patients to Dreams2Live4. By offering patients a chance to identify a dream, we reignite a sense of control and optimism in their lives. Conversations change and so does the out-look of patients and their families.This inspired program is the only one of its kind in Australia for adult cancer patients of all ages. The program touches the lives of patients, their children and extended family, the lives of medical professionals who care for them and the donors who make these dreams come true.

NOTE: It is not compulsory to fundraise – you can still participate without fundraising.