Rules for Runners


Runners must sign the waiver on page 6 and provide at registration before they commence. Waivers will also be provided at the registration desk on race day for you to sign.

The course will be run along a dual walking and bicycle path

Walking/running and bicycle paths are mostly segregated separating runners from cyclists. Signs are established throughout the course identifying which paths runners should be on. Runners must obey all signs and not run on designated bicycle only paths.

Running Rules

Runners must observe all signs posted along the course.

Start Times

100km ultra = Start Time from 8.00pm (Saturday 7th Sept)- The aim is for teams to complete the course by 1pm Sunday 8th Sept. Each team is able to plan when they wish to start the event with the aim of crossing the finish line as close to 1pm as possible. The earliest start  time is 8.00pm.   Team leaders (the first runner) must advise the Race Director (timing desk) what time your team is departing.

50km Half Ultra = Midnight and 5:30am

Marathon = Midnight and 5.45am

21.1km Run = 6.00am

10km Run = 8.00am

5km Fun Run = 8.15am

The Last 5km Teams

If running in the 100km Ultra in ANY team category each member must complete the last 5km as a team. It is a relay race so the last 5km is at the 95km point.

Team Race Configuration

Teams are able to organize their team member’s legs in any configuration they want. You can run any or all transition legs – for variety! However ALL transitions must take place at the start/finish line which is located in front of the Riverside Green. Depending on which route is run (Green or Yellow) you can transition at 5km or 10km intervals only.

Transitions and Team Relay

It is the responsibility of the teams to monitor their own transitions and total distance. Whilst we will monitor that 100km is completed it is ultimately the responsibility of the team to map out who is running which routes and coordinate their members to be ready to take over each transition.

Individual Times

All runners registered as individual runners i.e. not in teams will have their times recorded via a micro chip system.

Individual Times

All runners registered as individual runners i.e. not in teams will have their times recorded via a micro chip system.

Team Times

All runners registered in team events will only have total teams times recorded via a micro chip system – no individual times within the teams will be recorded.


All walkways are open to the public throughout the day and as such there will be others who are not participating in the River Run 100 on the pathways. Runners need to take caution when overtaking other people on the walkways.

Team members do not need to stay for the entire day

However this is up to each individual team to coordinate. Obviously you will all want to be there to run the last 5km together as a team. A presentation will take place soon after 1pm.