Register Your Team

Register Your team

For the 100km Teams (4-6 or 7-10 categories)

Team Registration Instructions

  1. The team captain (first member to register) selects ‘Create Relay Team’ then enters the Team Name, selects the Team Type and fills out the rest of the form.
  2. The team captain (first member to register) can then add themselves to the team, accepts the waiver and pays for their own registration.
  3. Then he/she can INVITE the rest of team to join – please ensure you enter the correct email addresses for your team mates.
  4. Other team members receive the email invitation from Register Now. They must follow the link and register themselves, filling in all their details and acknowledge the waiver and pay for their registration

Setting up a Running Group

Running Group vs Relay Team

What’s the difference? Relay Teams are competing in 100km team event as part of team of 3-10 people, where each team only has 1 person running at any time. Running Groups are a collection of individuals or relay teams as part of a community of runners. The Group Admin has visibility on all Individuals and Teams registered as part of the Group.  There is no cost to create a Group – whereas 100km Team  are registering to participate and paying a per person fee.

Creating a Running Group

  1. Select the “Create Running Group” option and give your Running Group a name
  2. Fill in your details and select how people will join the Group.
  3. It’s that simple!
  4. Now you just need to add yourself and register.
  5. If you go to the Manage Group section it will take you to the Group Summary page and you will see a URL which you can send out an invite to people to register as part of your Group.
  6. You will be able to access this Group Summary page at any time.